Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Hard To Keep A Kitten Off A Keyboard

Dreams are strange things. They tell you things that you might not know, or know all too well, and they do it in confusing ways. I do not often remember my dreams and when I do I put no thought into them. They are either too confusing for me to even know where to start, or they're so strikingly obvious I have already been giving it conscious thought.
But lately I have been having confusing yet not dreams. They are very frequent and while not the same dream they seem to have strong similarities. All present in no special order or significance are:

Someone I used to know but haven't seen in a long time
Airplanes or more often being in an Airport
A gunfight
My girlfriend

Now we don't have to be Dr. Jung to puzzle this junk out. I miss home, I would like to go home, and I would like to leave here behind. Its hard to live a meaningful existence in such a place cut off from the world and those you love. Wow, thanks brain. I had no idea, I mean waking-me totally thought this shit was Caketown, fucking pizza and blowjobs.
I spend too much time as it is whining about this shit and upon reflection I'm actually doing a pretty good job of making the best of my life. I have adopted multiple animals, read more books than my entire college career, boated on the Tigris, exchanged correspondence with the CEO of a major candy distributor, worked on my tan, drank tea in ruins 10 times older than my country, rappelled into sewers with nothing more than a 9mm and a flashlight, had lewd hand-signals made to me by an 11 year old girl, ghost-rode an MRAP and discussed weights & measures with known terrorists. Sometimes I forget about the joys in this life but I'm trying hard to remember. So I got the message Subconscious, home is better. Thanks for the insight, now knock it the fuck off before I take a brick and bust myself upside the head. Because you know I'll do it.

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