Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheese-Eating Rat Fink Bastard

Its a damn shame people can't just mind their own business. Its a shame that they have to stick their douche-bag faces where they don't fucking belong.

Was I dipping work? I sure was. I missing anything important? I was not. Did me skipping work in even the slightest way impact anyone? It did not. Other than of course to make Spc. Bitch angry that I was sleeping in my bed while he was sitting against a wall locker in the ready-room.
But I guess to him blowing my shit up was an appropriate response.

I'm not really that angry. I fucked up, so I'll take my punishment. Not that big of a deal really. Its just disappointing to me that people can be so petty. That they feel a need to make everyone be miserable because they are.

To me, if you can get by, get over, get out then good for you. I'm pissed that I have to suck it while you're not, but that's no reason to call someone out. You just man the fuck up and move the fuck on. But I guess I only feel that way because I'm not some fucking cry-baby bitch.

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