Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Maybe Yes. Maybe No. Maybe Go Fuck Yourself"

There are times when I want to drunk dial. I want to call someone up so I can bitch and whine and make no sense and blame it on the drink.
Yet I do not. To be fair sometimes I do Drunk Dial, yet I find myself catering to another person's problems, as I often do. I guess I can't help it, I'm just that kind of person.

But fuck that.

I'm just like you fucks. I'm fucked up in the head. I have problems of my own. And unlike you I do not ask for help. It's 3am El Paso time and I won't call/text someone I want to. She probably wouldn't mind, but I would. I already left a voicemail with someone else and I regret it. I do not do that kind of shit. I am the guy who others do that too.
I am a fucking man. Men don't bitch and whine. Men keep their shit to theirselves. Men suffer in silence and just fucking deal with shit.
And if after reading this you think that I'm fucked in the head, if you think that I'm wrong, if you think that I hold old fashioned and outdated ideas about what makes a man a man and if you think I might just flip the fuck out one day soon...
Well you might be correct, or you might just want to go ahead and fuck yourself.
It is as simple as this:
A Man Handles His Shit and does the best he can.
End of Story

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