Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Sucks At Writting? THIS GUY

Three times I have tried to write this and three times I've failed. I have tried to be subtle in the introduction and broaching of the subject and I have failed. Fuck the scalpel, its time for the tire-iron.

I am glad that other people appreciate some of the shit I do. I am glad that my endless pursuits of ways to bring fun and adventure into this life have not all been in vain. I am glad things like NTD's Beer Olympics, CHP's, Mustache March, the NDF, Senseless Roadtrips and so forth have not been complete failures. I am glad to hear that people who I do not talk to on a daily basis, people that I do not think about or see anymore still remember fondly the things I, that we have done. I suppose that it is vain, but fuck it.

I've been having a rough time lately and its nice to know that maybe the shit I try and do now will be remembered in the future by someone.

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