Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Well...

I don't own a TV currently. I used to have a sexy 42" LCD that I got for the bargain price of $0.00 from my homeboy Valvar cause he didn't want it. But, of course, it was stolen from a storage unit while I was away in Iraq. Honestly I wasn't that angered because I didn't pay for it, I put it into a sketch ass storage facility, and as they say; easy come, easy go.
In the nearly six months since I've been back (fuck me times flies) I haven't purchased a new one for a few reasons. One is the cable company has blacklisted me for having yet to pay a bill from 2008. Still another is I'm lazy and with the exception of blowing my money on trips around the country and around the world I try and bank some scrilla. I eat Mac & Cheese, drink Miller High Life and Kamchatka vodka, steal toilet paper and dress like I'm homeless. But the most real reason I don't own a TV is that I like being the kind of guy who doesn't own a TV.

This is not to say I don't watch TV. Because I do. I go over to Scott and Cisco's room a few times a week to watch 16 and Pregnant, Its Always Sunny and some football games. And I will watch another few shows online from time to time. But there is a marked difference between watching TV and owning a TV.

When you own a TV you tend to watch more TV. You watch stupid shit, you watch news, you watch non-SVU Law & Order, you watch terrible late-night shows. You sit in front of it changing the channel, pissed off that you've got cable and HBO and there is still nothing on. I feel free of that.

I read mot days. I surf the internet. And yeah, while I Facebook-stalk JPo-style (creepin' while you're sleepin') and look at random memes and listen to the Bed Intruder Song for hours at a time I also read Hindu gospels and Bertand Russel and listen to the Beatles. I write. I goad people into discussing international politics and Miley Cyrus. I go running. And I also do all of the above while drunk.

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