Monday, August 17, 2009

Once Again The Media Has Lied To Me

Anyone who thinks life is not absurd has never been hit with a chair in the face.
Saturday night I was hit with a chair in the face. My buddy swung a chair, and hit me in the face. On purpose. We're not sure why.

It knocked me out for a while, and opened my forehead up something good. I have some stitches, and since I refused to go to the hospital the night it happened (going so far as to sprint barefoot away from the party, while still gushing blood) it will scar.

I'm not really mad about it, these things happen I suppose. Could have been worse, if the chair hit me lower on the head it might have taken my eye, or knocked out some teeth. I just want to know why he hit me with a chair. I mean a single punch would have knocked me out half as well without all the hoopla. On the plus side though I don't have to do PT for a while.

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