Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Only Grenades I Jump On Are Made By Mikey's

Every so often you hear about some family member of a soldier or sailor or airman or Marine that has been killed in battle and takes it upon their self to "find an answer" to why their son is dead. They protest or petition congress or make websites or blame someone.

Fuck them.

I'm sure they think they're doing the right thing, saying America shouldn't be sending soldiers to die wherever it is we're sent to die and demanding answers. And I imagine that having a family member die in a war you don't understand is just about the most terrible thing that can happen. But we haven't had a draft in 40 years and everyone knows what they're getting into when they sign the paper and raise their hand. These people who say the president or congress or the military killed their son are just sad and selfish. And I hope they don't believe in heaven, because if their sons could see them parading around looking for someone to blame they'd be ashamed. The guy to blame is either the man who pulled the trigger or the guy who signed his life away. No one else.
And I hope that if I die no one will be mad at anyone but Hajji for blowing me up and at me for being such an ass that I got myself blown up.
Because that's it folks, the buck stops there.

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