Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're Going Down Swinging

Sometimes it feels like every moment of existence is worthless. Sometimes nothing in the whole fucking world fucking matters.


It does.

Never ever ever ever think that a single second of your life doesn't matter. Anything you do, everything you experience is worth something.
It might not be awesome or terrible or noteworthy, but it in someway somehow affects you as a human being. We are terribly holistic creatures. There is no part of life that is interred by just one facet of our lives. That is to say nothing can be disconnected from anything else.

This world, this horrible terrifying world is a journey we all undertake. Along the way there are so many things. There is school and birth and t-ball and soccer and baseball hats and breastfeeding and sex and history and petting zoos and music and snowballs and computers and dinosaurs and spelling bees and Power Rangers and art and jean shorts and electricity and drugs and books and music and pictures from high school dances and so many other things.

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