Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes I forget how much the army has changed me. I would like to say I'm still the same guy I was two years ago, and in many ways I am. But in other ways I'm just plain not. In some ways this is not a positive; I find myself thinking or doing things I wouldn't have done before simply because I don't actully think that those things are a good way to be. But for the most part my time here has been benifical.
The point is those changes have crept up on me. Just like getting taller (as anyone who is tall can attest) its not a sudden thing, it happens bit by bit until one day you realize you can see over everyone in church or you don't have to look up to see anyone's face. One day I didn't just wake up and saw that I'm different. Through certain actions and decisions I am figuring out what wasn't there before and how I feel about it.
I suppose this is growing up.

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