Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Danny Glover Is Getting Too Old For This Shit

I have been trying to write for the last hour. Honestly I have. Topics ranged from shit I've learned from my time in Iraq to why the Mighty Ducks Trilogy would have been better if there had been more sex. But the juice is just not following today. Call it writer's block or simply being an uninspired asshole but every paragraph I write I want to not simply delete, but print out a copy, deficate on it, then burn it.
But I feel the urge to write, to commit something to semi-permanace so I will go stream-of-concousness on this bitch for a while. Starting... now.
I understand some females find bitch to be a specificly derogitory term, but I rarely mean it that way. If I have a problem with a woman and I feel the need to be gender specific with my curses I call the bitch a cunt. Sometimes I forget that some people are offended by bad words, I swear to god. I've cursed very fequently since the 3rd grade, and after years in the Army it has gotten to the point where 'fuck' is used in my speech as a place-filler. The way others use 'ummm' or 'like' I use 'fuck' or 'fucking'. It gets really bad when I am grasping for a word or name. "We're gonna go to fucking chow then I have to go down to fucking Area 50 to band the god damn MRAP's with Sgt. Fuckingggggggg Ummmm Whats-His-Name." True story. I know enough not to drop f-bombs around my family, clergy and children, but I suppose I just figure that everyone else realizes that they're just words and can't hurt you.

Alright, I'm done. Garbage.

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