Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You've Got Mail Motha Licka

A recent study in Britain shows a majority of people believe that internet access is a fundemental right. A fundemental right. I think that's lunacy.
Rights are an invention of society. They hold no water outside the civilization in which they were created and are subject to influence from outside it.
Climb to the top of a tall mountain unprepared and Nature will rob you of your right to life. Fall into a hole and you have lost your liberty. Hand out bibles in China or heroin in America and you'll find your right to free expression vanished the second you crossed the border, followed by liberty and life in some cases.
The rights I have as an American come from my govenment, and my govenment comes (sorta) from me. My rights are protected from the deprivations of fellow man by armed men and women, who opperate inside the country and out. Without them my rights would not last five minutes, unless I took up arms to protect them.
Safety, security, and freedom come at the muzzle of a gun. And until people feel that internet access is a right they are willing to themselves die for it is in no way a right, much less a fundemental one.

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