Thursday, July 1, 2010

When Will I Learn? Tom Petty Is Always Right.

In spite of the fact that I have been living in a tent with my entire platoon for a month, in spite of the soul-crushing boredom of having honest-to-god nothing to do all day, in spite of the fact that now its summer time so I'm missing some awesome outdoor, day-drinking, tanning and CH-ing opertunities I'm in a pretty alright mood.
I bought a little webbook laptop thing so I have real interent access again. I can talk to my girlfriend with some frequency now. I have ONE MOTHERFUCKING WEEK until I leave Iraq and only a handful of days to suffer through in Kuwait left. I'm done with the grenades and the roadside bombs and begging children. I can see the exit sign here people, and it makes Christmas morning look like a NAMBLA convention.
I'm less than two weeks from returning to aMURica and just a little longer until I step off another plane in VA. And that's the real goal here; a few days of good 'ole fashioned fun, sans clothes with a sexy girl and little bit of liquor.

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