Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sorry I'm Not Sorry E...

Its the 234th birthday of America today and my intention is to write about it somehow. But as often is the case I cannot stop thinking about sex. So I'm going to do my best to keep on track here, but forgive me if I vear off or stop suddenly.

July 4th is my favorite holiday by far. Is it because I love America? Sure, why not. Is it because its in the summertime? That might have a bit to do with it. Is it fireworks and hot dogs? No, even though I love them. The reason I love the 4th so fucking much is because it is one of the few full-blown holidays where I had autonomy from my family.
Lots of holidays are family-affairs. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and such. But my family would make a maditory family event out of New Years and Memorial Day too. And when I was younger I would join the fam in heading down to the Mall and watching the fireworks. But as I got older we missed a few years due to rain and things became a bit less regulated.
So for many years now I've been slying solo when it comes to America's birthday. I've hung out on the Mall until 3am with rando UVa girls, got sun posioning in New Mexico, seen the Vienna fireworks explosion, got conned into working CH by Scotty, flown from Canada to Mexico along the west coast and had sex in E's bed.
So it might wreak of the cliche that a holiday about national freedom has been for me in particular about personal freedom, but I don't really give a shit.

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