Thursday, July 8, 2010

You're So Good

Its the littlest things that make me happy sometimes. I think that's what's so tough about being here, the little things I don't really get. Missing Christmas or Thanksgiving or the 4th all suck, but not as much as you'd expect. Dealing with that is pretty easy if you don't dwell on it. You just do your job and when you wake up the next day its no big deal.
But the little things sneak up on you and wear you down. Day in and day out being apart from the life you knew and the people you miss really chips away at your well being until one day you realize how much is gone.
The advantage of it though is when you get even a small bit of what you're missing it makes you so happy. It calms your crazy thoughts and smoothes the rough patches. Your whole day can be brightened by any little thing that slips into your life for even the shortest moment.
Maybe that's what happiness is; little joys that make big ass differences.

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