Tuesday, April 14, 2009

202 Times

I will not spear other soldiers.
Why you ask? Well because today I threw a metal spear/javelin dealio at Chandler. It was awesome/funny and he wasn't hurt because we were wearing our body armor. However, at the moment I released my spear my Commanding Officer (who is a Captain) came around the corner.
I got a new asshole torn, so did Chandler, so did my Sgt. Now I am writting 'I will not spear other soldiers.' 200 times.
Lessons Learned:
Do not throw spears.
Do not yell when throwing spears.
Do not damage body armor.
How body armor works and why it is 'fragile'.
Think before you act.
and most importantly:
Look around before you act to see who may be watching.

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