Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Am Sober

I've been thinking a lot. I always think a lot, but today I thought more than I usually do for a Saturday because I didn't get drunk today. Drinking helps with the thinking, so does work sometimes, and sex, and television and books and all manner of things. It dulls the edges of the thoughts and makes them manageable. But today I didn't mind. I rocked a Shower Power Hour for over an hour, which was relaxing to say the least and the whole time I was thinking.
When I come home again it will be June. CH will be open. I have not been to the Hill in so long it makes me very sad to think about it. August '07 was the last time I was there.
Reminds me of the last time I saw someone. It wasn't as long ago as '07, more like January '08. That was the last time I saw them, and the last time we talked. Its been over a year and I still remember what was said. A lot has changed since then. I would like to think maybe I've become a little bit more grown up, and maybe they have too. I doubt it matters though, we're still the same people. They did what I knew they would do, and instead of doing what I always did I just let it be. And I don't know how they feel about everything now, but I know that I miss being friends with them. So when I come home I'll do what I should have done a year ago.

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