Monday, March 30, 2009

If This Was Hard To Follow I'm Sorry, But I'm Monday-Night Drunk

I have been thinking a lot recently about what I will do after I leave the Army. I am taking (or trying to take) online classes through the Army and I plan to head back to real college when I get out. I mean its not exactly a detailed plan but that the farthest ahead I've looked in my entire life.
My plans aside however I wonder more often about what my Army-Family will do.
(For clarification purposes my Army-Family is Hauser, Aubrey and Kegge.) I wonder what they will do when they leave the Army. I know Kegge won't stay in, I doubt Hauser will and its a 50-50 shot about Aubrey. (This is just my assessment personally, nothing has been said one way or another.) So its funny to think about them in a non-Army setting. Will Hauser impregnate a nice Italian girl and end up overweight and with 4 daughters? And what Kegge will do once he leaves. Will he get a job managing some store? Party it up for another couple years until he is forced to settle or become that creepy old dude at the party. Aubrey? Will she get married and have kids too?
Basically I wonder once we are all done how much will our time here influence who we are? Will we tell our children we used to be soldiers? Or is that one of those things that just sort of pop up in conversation. You know, your parents are talking about back in college or how they met or when they moved to where you live now or some old friend of theirs is over to dinner and the story comes out about how they met. And its like you (their children) have lived your whole life (which is about 16 years at this point) without ever knowing this part of your own parents' lives and it is so shocking.
Bringing it back to topic: how will my Family's current lives affect their future lives slash future (biological) families? How will I affect them? How will they affect me? How will what I have done/will do here affect me and those close to me?
Does anyone else out there think about this type of shit?

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