Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WTF=Wen, Thurs, Friday

I have opened up the "New Blog" tab 4 times today, stared at the blank whiteness on my computer screen and closed it. I don't know what I want to write. I mean half the time I don't know what I want to write, I just start and it flows out; oftentimes changing tacks and shifting purpose to the point where my original inspiration has been left long behind.
Recently I have been reading people who I do not knows blogs. These people are not well-known bloggers or whatever, just other people I find by random chance, hyper-link through hyper-link in the flotsam and jetsam of this strange thing we call the Internet. It seems that when they have no inspiration they either do not write, or talk about what they did 'today'. Since I can't not write without feeling some indefinable unpleasant feeling, I shall try and recount my day in a non-boring matter.

I woke up at 0540 and went back to bed until 0600. I was then awakened by my unnerving sense of time. I put on my PT (Physical Training) uniform and walked to work. I got to work by 0620. By 0643 I was back in bed because my platoon Sgt. was gone today and my Squad Leader didn't feel like doing PT. I awoke at 0830 and was back at work by 0851. From then until 1135 I worked in the Arms Room with Scar Face. (SIDENOTE: Scar Face is a nickname for a friend of mine. He has no scars on his face, but he does have a scared scalp. Scarred badly. I'm talking about 50% of the top of his head is fucked up. In spite of this I love the guy and whenever I have to work in the Arms Room I pick him. He is now my assistant.) (ANOTHER SIDENOTE: The Arms Room is where the weapons are kept. I am my platoon's Armorer, which means I am responsible for Aprox~ 35 rifles, 9 Machine guns, 27 Night-Vision goggles, 42 Scopes, 40 Sighting Lasers, half a dozen Thermal Optics, ect, ect... and all these come with unmeasured amount of bullshit and hard work that only Scar Face can/will help me with.) We filled out lots and lots of forms. From 1135-1205 me and Scar Face ate lunch and mused about how much we hate everyone/everything. From 1210-1255 I read, watched ESPN and masturbated. From 1300-1512 I sat around work and did nothing but make idle conversation and tell people why something they thought was fact was bullshit and why their analogies where incorrect. From 1515-1630 me and my squad pretended to do PT in the Gym, but in fact used all manner of weightlifting equipment to further our pastime of making homosexual innuendo. From 1630-1700 we stood in Formation and then were released. Since then I cut my hair, showered, watched TV had some drinks, ate Mac&Cheese, fucked around on the computer, read and that brings us up to speed.
If my day seems boring that is because it was. Granted not all days are like this. Last week I was firring live rounds 3 feet from my battle's chest, and he was doing the same. Next week we will be doing force-on-force close quarters paintball. By Thanksgiving I will be kicking it in the Projects of Baghdad. (EAST SIDE! WOOT WOOT!) So I guess I should listen to my Sgt. and 'treasure' boring days...

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