Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clever Titles Are Hard To Come Up With Every Single Post

There is a sandstorm going on outside. While this is nothing new out here apparently they will be more frequent for March and April. Rosy was telling me that the locales have some legend about some Indian lady who drowned her kids in the Rio Grande and their revenge is shitty weather in the spring. I don't know anything about that, but in my opinion the weather is always shit here. Weather aside I am getting more comfortable out here. I mean I suppose I would have to; I live here now. I guess if I wanted to be optimistic I could say that at least they didn't station me in Alaska, there was a chance of that happening. I prefer the heat to the cold any day, and after 10 months here 40 degrees and windy makes me feel like I am about to die. Plus the heat and dry air cured the case of pnemonia that I picked up in basic.
Unrelated: I like Bud Light more than Miller Lite, but I seem to be in minority here. I mean I drink Miller, I am right now, but Bud Light seems smoother to me. I also miss Natty Light. I am putting together Beer Olympics a week from today and it's BYOB, so I'ma track down a 13 dollar 30 rack of Natty Light and show these peeps how I do. For Beer Olympics I have 6 (7?) games already lined up. They are:
Beer Pong
Mushroom (?)
Beer Ball
Beer Bong
Flip Cup
1/2 Case Race

Hopefully the day will be a success. To paraphrase the esteemible Mr. "EZ" Ernie: "We are putting all of our eggs in this basket... SHUT UP FINCH! ALL THE EGGS!"

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