Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Looks Like A Background From Micosoft Power Point

Say what you want about El Paso; its hot, dusty, dry, boring, isolated, hostile, dangerous, ect. but damned if right around sunset it doesn't get a thousand times better.
The sun fades behind the Franklin mountains to the west while the clouds and the wind roll in from the south. The breeze is dry, but cools things off while the clouds give off lots of lightning but no thunder. The western sky always turns all kinds of pink and red and orange, silhouetting every peak of the whole range.
Come around sunset its always perfect weather to sit outside and have a beer, smoke the day's last cigarrette and relax in the breezy air.

I often miss the warm, wet summer nights at home. The air is like blankets, smothering sounds and giving everything a steamy feel that makes you want to have sex outdoors.
I often miss the freezing winter nights of Shippensburg where the air cuts your lungs and stings your face and smells so clean. Its so quiet you can hear nothing moving, no one awake for miles.
I often miss the sunrise out in the empty, flat desert where the sun breaks over the horizion in a split second all at once. Grey pre-dawn gives way to glaring sunlight in the space of a single breathe and shoots rays of light right into your eyes.
And I suppose when I've left this god damned place I'll find myself missing the wonderful sunset that always seems to be a fitting end to whatever kind of day I've had.

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