Thursday, September 16, 2010

To Answer Your Second Question: 'Love' Is A Bit Strong Of A Word

My youngest brother just started Kindergarden at Westbriar. He was born when I was 17 and a Jr. at Madison. I love him to death, but its a bit of a trip to have potentially had a kid of my own years before he was born. I guess that's my way of saying that Paddy make me feel a bit old.
I started at Westbriar when I was in the 1st Grade. I can remember parts of it so clearly it scares me. Here I am at 22 and I still have the same two friends as I did 16 years ago.
And maybe 16 years isn't such a long time. Maybe after a while, after you get married and you have kids of your own 16 years goes by really fast. But I feel like the 16 years from 1st grade through turning 22 might just be the most eventful 16 years of a person's life. Maybe eventful is the wrong word; perhaps formative might be better.
In any case it just blows my mind to look down at Paddy and see something of myself. He's a real, growing person and if he's as lucky as I've been he'll meet some great friends that will always be there.

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