Monday, June 15, 2009

I'ma Need New Shoes

So I've started running again. I suppose I haven't stopped running since I joined the Army because our PT is mostly running, but I don't really count that. If you are/were a runner you understand what I mean. Think about everything you love/loved about running; PT is the opposite. I have to stay in formation, I don't set the pace, I have turn around for the fall-outs, people talk shit to the fall-outs, talking is not allowed, there are no girls and I don't set the route.

To put everything simply for any non-runners out there; running= freedom, pure and simple.
PT running= tyranny & oppression.

Now we're clear, I haven't been running much since... well since I left Ship. I didn't run a ton over the summer after, I didn't have time to run when I was at NoVa, and then I was in Basic. Since I've been here I haven't. I say I'm too tired, and I have to admit I don't have the time or energy I used to, but those are just excuses.

The only thing I can't get past is the terrain here is terrible. Today when I was out I almost choked when I ran through a sandstorm. There is nothing out there but dust, and nothing to look at. And there are people. I don't like to run in busy places where I see people, I don't like to run in public or on main roads. Just isn't my style I suppose. And what's worse half the people I see are higher ranking, and even if I'm out of uniform I can be caught up for something.

In any event I am a happier man when I've been running, not to mention I don't feel bad about drinking as much when I work for it.

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