Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whose Sex Is On Fire?

Ok this might be a little weird, but here it goes anyway:
Sometimes when I'm watching TV or out in a public place or whatever I wonder what people's faces look like when they have sex.
I mean this sounds sorta creepy I think, but I dunno... It's not like I'm trying to get my rocks off when I think about it; half the time they aren't really attractive or anything, just normal people.
I also see a family and I think like the mother and father had to have sex to make that kid. Those two people fucked at least as many times as they have kids.
Maybe this makes me sound obsessed with sex, but think about yourself before you throw stones. Who among us doesn't like sex? Who doesn't want to have some sex right now? Ok maybe you don't want to get it on this second, but you know you wouldn't mind some in the next hour.
Sex is a fairly personal thing with most people, and maybe that is why I wonder about strangers doing it. Like if you asked them about it they'd freak the fuck out, but you still know they do it without knowing anything about them.
Sorry, I just felt like writing that.

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