Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Clairify; When I Say "Mourn" I Mean He's My Excuse For Getting Shitty Tonight

MJ's dead.

Now calm the fuck down kids, I'm not like totally broken up about it. I never knew the guy, never saw him perform, never even was around for his hey-day. But I remember his trial and when he sold Wonderland. I remember when I was a little kid and I saw Free Willy which he had like the title track from. I loved that fucking song and when I told Karen that Michael Jackson was my favorite singer she told me that he was creepy. She did admit that he was a good singer, but also really creepy. Obviously she was right.

I suppose its just the fact that Michael Jackson was, for lack of a better word, a constant. He could always be counted on to do something that we found newsworthy. Be it making Gold Records, molesting children, being tried for molesting children, buying the rights to Beatles songs, holding his own children over balconies, or selling his child-molesting playground and declaring bankruptcy, MJ was always there. His life provided a wonderful counter-current to our own. And he did it with such ups and downs that we couldn't look away.
And extending from that time in the Green Monster in the parking lot of Tyson's when I told Karen I liked Michael Jackson because of that song from fucking Free Willy until literally right now his life has ran parallel to my own. MJ did his thing and I did mine, and every so often someone on TV or radio would let me know what was new in his life. Maybe I'm fucking insane (I get told it enough to where it might be true...) but Michael Jackson was a comfort to me. And that is why I mourn his death.

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