Monday, February 22, 2010

"And You Know Sister, My Hearts Been Broken"

Is it weird I don't know how I feel right now? I'm not bored or tired or hungry. I'm not sad or mad or homesick. I'm not happy or high or motivated. I'm just existing.

I think it might have something to do with the weather outside. Right now there is a sandstorm coming. The sky is orange, the air itself is orange. There is almost no wind, no rain, no nothing. Just the sky and the air orange as could be. And the smell of sand and humidity is just hanging in the air. Its so still right now and no one is outside. Everyone is sitting inside their rooms peering out their doors every so often to see if anything has changed and if they do venture outside its with great haste to return to cover with some cloth pulled over their face to keep the dust out. As if the orange sky was some evil portent and the dust was a poison released into the air by a madman who'd been wronged one too many times.

If it is an omen I can't think of a more powerful one. The stillness is so complete and everything just has this glow to it. For the first time in I don't know how long I can't here any helicopters; they've all been grounded. And I can't hear any trucks rumbling by; all missions are CANCELED until further notice.

We're just sitting here in our little corner of the world, cut off by time and distance and a wall of sand that is blowing towards us out of the Northeast. Cut off from Warrior and the Big Bosses, from the Iraqi's and their strife, from home and from the people we love and the things we left behind. We're even cut off from each other and our job, at least until this all blows over.

Right now I'm adrift in this big world, sheltered in the calm before the storm. Maybe my emotions are too.

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