Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maybe Certain Other People Felt Just Like Me, Which Is Why They Said So

You know something?

Out here I do fight for my meals. I do get my back into my living. I suppose I don't need to fight to prove shit, but I often find myself doing just that. Do I need to be forgiven? I might have said yes only a few short months ago, but recently some things some people very close to me have been saying is giving me pause.

Maybe I fucking don't. Maybe I don't owe anyone shit. Maybe that's what wrong with everybody these days. Nobody is willing to just lay it the fuck out there. Maybe especially now in my life its time to stop being sorry for who I am and the things I've done.

Maybe I don't drink too much. Maybe I am a fucking liar. Maybe I'm a shitty son and a bad friend. Maybe I do judge you. Maybe I am stuck up on certain shit from my past. Maybe sometimes I do want one of these goddamn motherfucking rockets to blast right through my full-of-holes-piece-of-shit-roof and blow me into a thousand little meaty bits. And maybe I don't want to talk about how I feel or how I'm doing because I don't want anyone's sympathy or pity or help.

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