Sunday, February 7, 2010

"The Night Draws Stars And Women In A Better Light"

I love morning. I wouldn't go so far as to consider myself a morning person because I truely loathe waking up, but I do love morningtime. I like to watch the sunrise when I can, and when I can't just sit and enjoy it I like to glimpse over at it as I go about my business. I like how the cold seems more crisp in the moments after the sun comes up in the wintertime. I like the frost on the grass or dirt. In the summer I like the way the sun comes up long before most people and how the air carries only the faintest hint of the heat to come. I like the way the light comes right at you on an even plane, almost as if Sol was a person demanding your attention right now. I like the long shadows and having to squint into the east I like the promise and power the first light of day has.
Don't get me wrong, I love the night too. I love the night so much that I end up staying up through most of it until daybreak half the time. I like the peace of night. I like the feeling of being by myself in the world without being cut off. The comfort of knowing I can do my own things and be alone with my thoughts, yet still surrounded by people. I like The way something familiar can turn into something strange and back again simply dependant on light or the lack thereof. I love the way the streetlamps reflect off the wet asphalt or the soft glow they surround themselves with when the ground is covered with snow. I love the quiet and the way sound carries. The way a single gasp makes a bigger impact at night than a shout at midday. I love the mischief that I can get into at night and the adventures that can only be undertaken while the world sleeps.

I guess I just feel the reverse of most people. Dawn to me is a better ending to a full night than the start of a new day. Daybreak is a time for reflection on the night passed as opposed to a runup of the days expectations. It is the period at the end of a sentence as opposed to the capital letter at the start.

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