Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Happy Now Kegge?

What is on my mind right now?
Soldier suicides have risen to the highest rates ever for 2008. Why? Talking Head analyists say its because depoyments, I don't know if that's right. I mean I guess it sorta has to be; the simplest answers are gennerally the most correct. It just seems like a terrible waste that soldiers are killing themselves, especially in theater. I mean if they found a way to end their lives to the benefit of their Battle Buddies they'd get a medal and a 21 gun salute. As it stands... well they are just another soldier who couldn't take it. A fucking shame.
I have to remeber to stay positive. I'm on lunch right now, but when I get back to work I will be in for the second half a big bad smoking. I did something stupid, someone is over-reacting and I have pay in sweat. I'm not too upset about it, me and this person have to have it out every so often to clear the air so I'll live. The hard part is making sure that its worth it, which it is. And not just on the small shit like getting the shit smoked out of me, but on thebigger stuff. Is it worth it to be here? Is it worth it to get up every day to be in this life? Because its gonna be a helluva lot harder when I'm deployed. And I'm not saying its not worth it, but sometimes I forget, sometimes its easier to wallow in the misery.
I sure am glad I'm a soldier. All the news shows is people losing jobs left and right. I mean fuck, even Blackwater Int'l just lost their contract to operate in Iraq. If I don't re-up and head back to college I sure hope I'll be able to find work. Because it'd be a bitch to get out and find I had no work to do.
I wish the media would stop touching themselves over President Obama. Is he the President? Yes. Is every little fucking thing he does newsworthy? No. Move the FUCK ON people.
I apologize for my random writtings, I had a hard time focusing today. Stay sharp kids, and my thoughts go out to Chase who is as I write this on final aproach into Baghdad airport or somesuch. Do work and keep your head down buddy, I'll see you over there.

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