Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Sneeze Is 1/8th Of An Orgasm

I am going to just list off some random things that I find beautiful. This is nowhere close to a complete list, just some things running through my head.
A cold beer on a hot day. A light dusting of snow. The pool on August mornings before anyone gets in. Sundresses on pretty girls. The Alps. A genuine smile. Shadow puppets. Roger Daltry's yell in "Won't Get Fooled Again". 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotguns with short barrels. Air Force Girls. Deep tans. Watching fruit explode against a brick wall. The soreness after a good workout. Not giving a FUCK. Perky breasts. The smell of a wood fire on a cold night. Dinner with friends. Being able to tell the difference between the sound of a 2240B and a 249SAW without even thinking about it. VI chili dogs. Lying in bed with someone you love. The Nottaway Garden Loop in August. Roomates doing Whippetts on your couch while watching CNN.
If you have seen or felt any of these things do you think they are beautiful?

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