Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three 24oz Corona and AC 360

So CNN just told me that two of al-Queda's leaders were killed today. Well no, BBC told me they were killed, CNN told me it was done by a UAV. (UAV=Unmaned Airial Vehicle, aka a fucking remote control airplane) The US military has now approved the use of missles on these drones and to be honest, I am not fucking happy about it.
This is the kind of Brave New World meets The Matrix bullshit that I have been afraid of for years. And on top of that I resent the idea that some fucking paper plane driven by some bitch-ass Navy/Chair Force POG (no offense Chas) is getting the credit (or not as the case may be) for the kill from some damn boat 1000 miles away while Joe is getting IED'd, VBIED'd, EFP'd and shot to shit outside Khandahar because the Pentagon won't let us off the fucking leash.
This is half the damn reason that I like international insurgent groups. WHAT!?! Yeah, calm down let me clairify. I don't like Haji or hardcore terrorists or whatever, but I do have a soft spot for groups like the IRA, Tamil Tigers, Basque Seperatists and those kooky Somali Pirates. I like the underdog, I like the spirit that these groups inspire. I'm not saying they are right, or just or don't commit human rights abuses or blah blah blah. They do. But so does the Army. So does Israel, (whom I also love) and so has every group of armed people in the history of the world. It's called Collateral Damage or the Cost of War. It sucks, it really does and if there was a way to wage a war with no one but combatants being affected than that would be tops, but its 100% impossible.
Changing topic rapidly: I am addicted to the news. When I wake up I tune to channel 31 (CNN), during lunch I browse, when I'm reading or fucking around on the net I have MSNBC on mute, I listen to NPR when possible. I love love love knowing what is going on in the world all the time. I love analyzing it myself and rooting out bias. Israel won't let forgein corrispondants into Gaza, but all Arabic news shows are the same 4 clips of dead Palestinan civilians. Casualty reports differ into the hundreds between the SLA and the Tigers. An Oakland Cop murders an unarmed man in the subway and the city riots. Who is to be believed? What is the truth? I don't know, but me and Senor Corona are going to our best to find out.
Sorry if this made no sense, we're a tad drunk here.

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