Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dry Shaving Hurts In A Manly Sort Of Way

So this week if off to a fairly shitty start. Honestly it's mostly because my whole Company (~120 soldiers) just got put on QRF. (Quick Reaction Force) That means we have to be ready to roll out into the desert and do stuff within two hours of our commander getting the Call. Repercusions of this? Soberity. Yeah kids, we all have to be sober as Mormons until QRF ends. It doesn't end until JANUARY 29th. Fucking JANUARY. Not only that, but we have a 4 day weekend that starts Friday, so I will have to battle 4 days of no work with no alcohol. I'm on Day 2 and I'm doing alright, considering I have a handle and a bottle stashed in my laundry bag that are just sitting there, full of all manner of booze, calling to me... But I suppose a few weeks away from the bottle won't kill me.
To deal with it I have started running at night again, something I haven't done with any frequency since I left Ship. I guess I forget how amazing night running is, which is a shame. It's just that we work out every morning and afternoon, and by the time I get back to my room I'm just so beat and its so fucking cold outside its hard to get out there. But once I get out there, fucking magic I swear. I took Hauser with me last night because he needed to practice running in his Army boots for Air Assault school and he wanted me to pace him. I don't think he really enjoyed it half as much as I did, but he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. I don't like talking when I run at night, it disrupts my Zen. Cause for me Night Running is like meditation, fuck like, it is meditaion insofar as I understand the term. I feel at peace, and calm and strong in a subtle way. I never do sprints at night, I never time myself, I don't even keep track of distance. Those are earthly concerns, something competitive runners and (fuck help me) joggers do.
I hope I never end up one of those fucking worthless wastes of road. I know its mean, I'm ok with that because I am a running elitist. And I despise those overweight, out of shape, old fogeys who amble along the roads giving everyone a bad impression of us who enjoy it. I mean I cannot understand why these fucking people do it, you can litteraly see the pain etched into their faces as the shuffle along the road. They are torturing themselves because they want to be healthy or in shape or whatever and they are doing it in public. How retarded is that? Go home, buy a treadmill, join a gym, get on the elliptical, because you are sure as fuck not enjoying the spirit of running. When I run I don't even have an iPod in, (which I am not passing judgement on) I like the sound of my feet hitting the ground, and I like the freedom of thought that running gives me. When I am out there on the road all alone I can let my mind wander so fully and completely it is unlike any other time. My thoughts don't go anywhere they don't want to go because nothing out there pulls them to some painful truth, or some bad memory. I don't have any bad running memories actully, not a single one. I have no running insecurities, no issues. I wish more things in life were like that.

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