Friday, February 27, 2009

Guac Is Extra

Right now I hate fun. I hate joy and other people. I hate the world and my life and puppies and happiness. I want to burn down every building, I want to shoot every kitten, I want to pour acid on dolphins and shit on art. Tonight after the Mandatory Fun evening that I have to waste 2 hours of my Friday night/ life on I am going to set fire to an American flag.

Today has sucked so fucking much I can barely stand it and I have no prospects for anything fun to happen this weekend and then the shit-storm will start (though it hardly seems it ends even for weekends) all over again.

I understand that as a soldier I have surrendered some of my rights. I am ok with that, it comes with the territory. But if the Army says I am allowed only a mustache as facial hair, then my CO says No because he thinks it looks stupid... Well what the fuck? I mean fine I'll shave it, I am not going to make a big deal about it with the Sir, but I am not going to take it lightly. And now I have to go waste my "free time" on a Friday night because of him too. I do not want to support the soldiers of my Company who have a boxing match today. I do not give a fuck about their match at all. They know this because I told them so. They seemed ok with my apathy. They seemed ok because they are grown fucking men and don't need people to come to their Little League games and tell them that it's ok because they tried their hardest. We are all fucking men and we are all fucking sick and tired of being treated like fucking children.

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