Friday, February 20, 2009

If You Ain't Got No Money Take Your Broke Ass Home

So I have a scratch on my glasses. Like a noticeable one. It is in the lower 1/4th of my right lens and I know exactly how I got it. As you may or may not know I am fucking terrible at cleaning my glasses. Because of this not only do the lens' get dirty, but also the frames. One day I was attempting to clean the dirt from the bottom of my frames and I was using a jagged piece of metal. I was at work so it was something I just happened to have on-hand. I was thinking to myself; If I'm not careful this will scratch my lens. And then it did. I remember laughing to myself because I knew exactly what would happen and then it did.
I find this to be a wonderful metaphor for my life. I know what is going to happen 90% of the time dependent upon my actions, and yet I still will always play the odds. Keeps shit interesting I think.
I mean how terrible would it be to see the future? Oh you might think it was cool for a while, making money in the stock market and winning bets left and fucking right. But down the road a bit, or even the first day you had the power shit is going to start to suck. You would take no risks because there are no risks left to take. To know the outcome of every little thing would be so horrible I can't even imagine it fully. I mean you couldn't even kill yourself because you'd know if you were or weren't. What kind of life is that? Fuck that shit, give me uncertainty and risk and chance. I'll take the long shot any day.

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