Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walk Like A Man

It is weird to think that any event that you take part in may be the last. I don't mean to be terribly morbid, but think about it. Life is a fragile thing I am aware, but all too often we forget that. And maybe it is for the best. I mean who wants to live their life thinking about the possibility of their imitate and unforeseen death? It is a topic we put off thinking about because we have to. But recently I have been thinking on it due to information recently passed down to me.

I may have celebrated my last Mardi Gras last night. I may have already had my last Thanksgiving Christmas. I should get another shot at 4th of July, but that ain't certain either.
What I mean to say is that since joining we have wanted to go to war, but in the 14 months we have been training and waiting nothing concrete has come down to assuage our fear that we might not get our shot. This has fucked our heads bad, and now we have to get our shit together and do it relatively fast. There is a big 'ole truckload of the Suck headed our way, and when it gets here I sure hope we can deal. Because if we can't the consequences aren't hard to imagine.

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