Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Think It Is Awesome When Females Say "Suck My Dick"

So I got this new computer, which is fucking sweet. It has a big monitor and is fast as balls, but I have a very serious problem. My entire 1,500 iTunes song library is on my old laptop. My laptop works and everything, but it is slow and I don't use it because I just dropped $600 for the computer I am writing this fucking second. So now I have to figure out how to transfer all my muzik over, and until I do I have 3 songs to listen to. They are:
"Orange Sky"- Alexi Murdoch
"Leaving On A Jet Plane" - John Denver
"Glamorous"- Fergie (Don't judge me, or I will cut you.)

In unrelated news, one of my Battles who shall remain unnamed is being forced to go to ASAP (Army Substance Abuse Program) for bullshit. My Battle isn't a drug user/abuser, he barely even qualifies as an alcoholic in the outside world. Fuck knows he doesn't register on a list of Top 10 drinkers in my platoon. But because of fear and ignorance (two predispositions in this Army) he is being treated like he is some dangerous alky. What happened was that he was seen drinking before he went out to the bar one night. Now drunk driving is bad, I will accept that. It is dangerous to everyone and blah blah blah. But drinking and driving is not drunk driving. The law in many states sets a limit of or around .08 BAC as the legal limit at which one is too impaired to drive. So say my Battle has one standard drink (12 oz of beer) which takes him 30 minutes to consume then leaves for the bar. With the average rate of processing one standard drink per hour and one standard drink giving a person a .02 BAC that means that Nappi's Battle would have a .01 BAC when he left the barracks to go out for the night. Far from being too drunk to drive in my, and nearly almost every state's opinion. But the Sgt. who was on duty that night didn't agree so he called my Battle and asked him to take a DD with him. My Battle complied with the order, found a DD and went out to the bar. At the bar the DD got hammered, my buddy didn't have much to drink and came home. The next day he was told to enroll himself in ASAP or he would be ordered there. To me this is fucked the hell up. This dude will often sleep in his car after a night of drinking to avoid driving drunk and has never been reprimanded for his drinking habits before. Short of a few times he has shown up late to work after a night out alcohol has had no adverse effects on his life. (Unless you count having sex with ugly girls as one.)
My issue is that when confronted with the facts of the matter (the scientific fact that he was in no way drunk or even close to the legal limit when he left) those who are at least nominally in charge refused or were unable to listen to logic and reason. This is so very typical here and it is one of the many reason why it hurts me to go to work sometimes. I'm not a fucking genius, I am not a cutting edge thinker, I didn't even come close to graduating college for fuck's sake, but why does everyone have to be so fucking ignorant here? I mean is it that hard for some of these people to learn anything, or is it just too difficult to put down the controller because Saint's Row 2 is just such a great game? Fucking retards... And the bitch of it is whenever they don't know something they come and ask me, like I am the font of all knowledge or some shit. Which is fine, but if you're going to trust my brain about Random Topic A why are you going to argue with me about Random Topic B? I mean someone tried to tell me the definition of an alcoholic is someone who, when offered free shots of Patron will not turn them down. No matter what I, or anyone else said he would not budge; taking free Patron=alcoholism. How can you fight blind ignorance like that?

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