Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holland vs. France At The Alamo: The Greatest Battle Never Fought

Ok what follows is another direction I could have gone with that post that wouldn't have been as depressing. From the top:

It is weird to think that any event that you take part in may be the last. I don't mean to be terribly morbid, but think about it. Life is a fragile thing I am aware, but all too often we forget that. And maybe it is for the best. I mean who wants to live their life thinking about the possibility of their imitate and unforeseen death? It is a topic we put off thinking about because we have to.

When I was home on Leave I had lunch with Allison C. and she said something that I had never even considered. She referred to my dog-tags as 'romantic'. Not in like the romantic-love sort of way, but the other way. What she meant was that my ID Tags have a specific purpose, ie to identify my dead body. When my corpse is found one is left around my neck and the short one is taken by the person who finds me so they can report that
was found dead.
It is romantic (so says AC and I agree) in that I carry with me my own death. This chain around my neck is a personification of my death. And every moment I wear these tags around my neck I have a physical reminder that I will die and there is not a damn thing I can do about that. The only course of action open to me at that point is to assist with the identification of my own body. There is something undoubtedly tragically romantic in that, is there not?

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